How to Monitor Your PPC Account for Click Fraud

The internet has gotten so much larger over the last couple of years, especially the pay per click advertising industry. This has created a lot of good results, but it has also created bad things within the pay per click advertising industry.The phrase click fraud is easy to understand, which means to click fraudulently on a pay per click account. Companies like Google have always tried to correct this issue and improvements have been made within this arena. However, in order to really protect your account from click fraud, you should keep a few things in mind, which a few of them will be discussed in this article.Use an Ad Scheduler: When you are trying to protect your pay per click account from click fraud, then is very crucial that you are always looking at the quality of your traffic. You can utilize ad scheduling to monitor the quality of visitors according to the time of the day and also the day of the week. It’s common sense that most of the people use the Internet during the day time, while automated bots can run 24 hours a day and seven days a week. So, if you see that your click rates are high during the mornings as opposed to night, you might want to modify your bids to lower exposure to traffic that is not converting as much. Your number one goal should be to get more clicks from real prospects and reduce the chances of getting bad clicks. The more that you concentrate on watching this traffic, the better outcome you will get over time. Look very Closely at your Expensive Keywords: This is something that numerous advertisers are clueless about. But the most obvious words eligible for click fraud are the expensive ones. So, if you are putting out a lot of cash on these keywords, then you should know that they receive plenty of activity. Since these keywords are usually the ones that get the most fraudulent clicks, you should do everything possible to watch them at all times. However, this does not mean that you should not pay attention to the keywords that do not cost as much money. Your main concern is to protect your investment by making sure that pay per click fraud does not do that much harm to it.Get a Professional’s Help: If you are an advertiser who spends quite a bit of money on pay per click campaigns and is concerned about losing money as a result of click fraud, then it would be a smart move on your part to spend more money on professional who can advise you better. Getting the services of a professional who is capable of monitoring your ad campaign and reporting to you will be a good ROI and will also decrease any possible click fraud losses. But, if you are still in the beginning stages and your campaign does not cost that much money, you can probably do this yourself at this point. Outsourcing is also an available choice, but it should not be implemented unless you can trust the person that you are dealing with. Remember, the investment that you’re making into your PPC advertising not only has to be recovered, but should also give you real profits. So don’t hesitate to get professional help if you are making big investments. All in all, preventing click fraud from happening is not as difficult as it sounds. As long as you’re alert and are taking the necessary steps, you can protect your PPC investment.